• Executive Board

  • Advisory Committees

Mid-Shore Regional Council Executive Board

  • Chairman: Walter Chase

  • 1st Vice Chair: Dan Franklin

  • 2nd Vice Chair: Ricky Travers

  • 3rd Vice Chair: Chuck Callahan

  • Secretary: James Redman

  • Treasurer: Kurt Fuchs

  • General Assembly: Senator Addie Eckardt

  • Member At Large: Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio

  • Member At Large: Bill Christopher

Mid-Shore Regional Council Advisory Committees

The Advisory Committees provide the Mid-Shore Regional Council
with oversite, recommendations, and/or policy guidance regarding
these specific areas of importance.

  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)  

    • Adelaide Eckardt, Senator - Maryland District 37
    • Alan Silverstein, Talbot County resident
    • Allen Nelson, Dorchester County resident
    • Amy Kreiner, Talbot County Chamber of Commerce
    • Andy Hollis, private sector
    • Anthony Casey, Town of Ridgely Commissioner
    • Bill Bernard, Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)
    • Bill Christopher, Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce
    • Burton Wilson, Talbot County minority representative
    • Carolyn Spicher, Caroline County business representative
    • Cassandra Vanhooser, Talbot County Department of Economic Development and Tourism
    • Chris Adams, Delegate - Maryland District 37B
    • Chuck Callahan, Talbot County Council
    • Clay Stamp, Talbot County Manager
    • Clifford Coppersmith, Chesapeake College President
    • Dan Franklin, Caroline County Commissioner
    • Dan McDermott, Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board
    • Dan Rider, Association of Forestry Industries, Inc.
    • Deborah Bowden, Caroline County Economic Development Office
    • Donna Lane, Acting Dorchester County Manager
    • Frank Divilio, Talbot County Council
    • Greg Padgham, Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland
    • Holly DeKarske, Easton Economic Development Corporation
    • Holly Gilpin, Dorchester County Office of Tourism
    • James Redman, public school administrator
    • Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, Talbot County business representative
    • Jeremy Goldman, Caroline County Administrator
    • Jerome Stanley, Dorchester County minority representative
    • Johnny Mautz, Delegate - Maryland District 37B
    • Joyce Harrod, Town of St. Michaels Commissioner
    • Kurt Fuchs, Maryland Farm Bureau
    • Larry Porter, Caroline County Commissioner
    • Lauren McDermott, Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative
    • Lenny Pfeffer, Dorchester County Council
    • Letitia Nichols, United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development
    • Maria D'Arcy, Caroline County minority representative
    • Michael LeMire, business representative
    • Michael Scott, Salisbury University, School of Science & Technology, Dean
    • Mike Thielke, Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center
    • Mindie Burgoyne, Maryland Department of Commerce
    • Nancy LaJoice, Maryland Department of Commerce
    • Ricky Travers, Dorchester County Council
    • Robert Hutchison, resource-based business representative
    • Ronnie Gist, Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS)
    • Santo Grande, Delmarva Community Services, Inc.
    • Susan Banks, Dorchester County Economic Development Office
    • Susan O’Neill, Upper Shore Regional Council
    • Tara Coursey, Caroline County Office of Tourism
    • Tony Kern, business and investment representative
    • Tracey Snyder, Caroline County Chamber of Commerce
    • Walter Chase, private citizen
  • Emergency Management  

    • Mark Sheridan, Caroline County Department of Emergency Services Director
    • Jeremy Goldman, Caroline County Administrator
    • Dozia Rahilly, Dorchester County Department of Emergency Services Director
    • Donna Lane, Acting Dorchester County Manager
    • Michael McAdams, Talbot County Department of Emergency Services Director
    • Clay Stamp, Talbot County Manager
  • Mid-Shore Regional GIS Committee     

    • Chris Kephart, Caroline County - GIS and Data Coordinator
    • Mark Cohoon, Talbot County Department of Public Works - GIS Manager
    • Sam Stanton, QAC Department of Planning and Zoning - GIS Coordinator
    • Tyler Pease, QAC Department of Planning and Zoning - GIS Analyst
    • Scott Shores, City of Cambridge - GIS Analyst
    • Michael Scott, ESRGC - Director
    • Lauren McDermott, ESRGC - Practice Manager
    • Erin Silva, ESRGC - Project Manager
    • Mary Buffington, ESRGC - Project Manager
    • Ryan Mello, ESRGC - Project Manager
    • Brett Dobelstein, ESRGC - GIS Analyst
    • Logan Hall, ESRGC - GIS Analyst
    • Anastassiya Suprunova, ESRGC - GIS Technician
    • Tim Lanzi, ESRGC - GIS Programmer
    • Martin Sokolich, Talbot County Department of Planning and Zoning - Long Range Planner
    • Donna Todd, Town of Denton
    • Sierra Crist, Town of Easton - GIS Analyst
    • Carla Gerber, Kent County Planning, Housing, and Zoning - GIS Specialist
    • Scott Warner, MSRC - Executive Director

    • Key
      ESRGC = Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative
      GIS = Geographic Information Systems
      QAC = Queen Anne’s County
      MSRC = Mid-Shore Regional Council

  • Information Technology  

    • Chris Rice, Caroline County Department of Information Technologies Director
    • Donald Keyes, Dorchester County Technology Department Director
    • Parker Durham, Talbot County Information Technology Department Director
  • Maryland Upper Shore Transit (MUST)     

    • Santo Grande, DCS/DCT President and Chief Executive Officer
    • Keith Adkins, DCT Transportation Coordinator
    • Jason Kepple, Maryland Transit Administration Regional Planner
    • Cathy Willis, Queen Anne's County Department of Aging Director
    • Stephen Palmer, Queen Anne’s County Department of Community Services, Area Agency on Aging/County Ride, Transit Administrator
    • Alex Handy, The Handy Group
    • Susan O'Neill, Upper Shore Regional Council Executive Director
    • Scott Warner, MSRC Executive Director
    • Jessie Ferrio, Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Rehabilitation Services, Business Service Representative
    • Bruce Hojnacki, Maryland Transit Administration Regional Planner
    • Dawson Hunter, Housing & Transportation Coordinator, Kent County Department of Economic and Tourism Development

    • Key
      DCS = Delmarva Community Services, Inc.
      DCT = Delmarva Community Transportation (a division of DCS)
      MSRC = Mid-Shore Regional Council